Chef Lucas Sitrnovitch loves meat, Even as a young child in Argentina he loved meat.

He learned his first words in Hebrew whill visiting the butcher in Machneyuda market. When it comes to grilling and smoking techniques he can speak any language. At the Culinary Workshop Chef Lucas uses traditional Argentinean cooking methods that take him back to his memories of childhood,

holydays of a far away country he use to call home.


Throw out this Journey between two completely different cultures and two distant continents Lucas has a unique ability to create and offer a one of a kind pure meat experience where the cuisine is fine but the manners are Israeli. Our customers are part of our kitchen, our atmosphere, our inspiration and our family.

We at the Culinary Workshop take every little last detail very seriously and make sure we only offer the best to our clients, from the careful choosing of each and every ingredient in our kitchen, the interior design and the music we love playing order to generate the ultimate surroundings for the perfect evening.